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I had the wonderful experience of qualifying and competing in the Hearst Journalism Awards and its Championship in June. I was one of 29 competitors in writing, photojournalism, multimedia, broadcast TV and radio categories. We reported on stories happening in San Francisco and the Bay Area. I competed in radio, which had the topic of ‘immigration,’ placing third overall for my stories on the 1951 Coffee Company. Above are my award-winning stories produced from that week in California, written in a one-minute form and two-minute form.

(© Photo by Jakub Mosur)

To qualify for Hearst, I placed second nationally in the radio competition. These are the three stories I submitted through the help of UNC-Chapel Hill’s School of Media and Journalism.

2018’s midterm elections were the first ever to have more than 100 million citizens cast their ballots. First-time and young voters also turned out in historic numbers and made an impact in election results.
Brighton McConnell reports.
The sight of seniors taking graduation photos becomes more common around UNC’s campus during the spring semester. But one popular prop for these pictures that most think is harmless is actually causing environmental damage.
Brighton McConnell reports.
Most people know using a smartphone right before bed isn’t good for a healthy night’s rest. But now, a new phenomenon is happening to some college students: using their smartphones as they sleep.
Brighton McConnell has the details.


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